About Me

Welcome to Sparrows & Arrows! I’m Christy Lane and I’m glad you’re here! I hope you will find yourself a frequent visitor here. I am a person with many interests and I think you will find that I am, out of all things, extremely relatable. I’m a 30-something mother, wife and caregiver. My loves include music, movies, traveling and photography. (Side note: I even went to school for photography but do little to nothing with that knowledge now.. but that’s another story.) I’m a major procrastinator and I’m so completely unorganized that I don’t know how I manage to get anything done. (But I do…. sometimes.)

My hopes are that you will find Sparrows & Arrows a different sort of lifestyle blog. I am not a super DIY mom, a fashion guru, or will my home ever be featured in Better Homes & Garden… But, I am a great mom and (hopefully) great wife and kind person. I can be creative, thoughtful and I do have stories, likes, interests and ideas worth sharing. Everyone does! Which is part of why I love perusing other’s blogs and why I wanted to start my own. So, check back often and connect with me on social media, you won’t be sorry!